Shepherd Earthworks promises fast, efficient service. Our commitment to that promise has led us to invest heavily in the latest technology to serve our clients better. This venture into earthwork technology has allowed us to work faster and create a working model that anticipates the needs of a project rather than working reactively to unexpected situations. This new technology will enable us to create more effective plans before the work begins and develop workflows that guarantee quick turnarounds.

Technology That Works As Hard As We Do!

Earthwork technology is more widely used now than it was a decade ago. Software companies have put a lot of effort into making game-changing solutions accessible on portable devices. It’s easy to work on a phone or tablet, allowing this new technology to be applied seamlessly to any project.

Data collection apps save time, reduce data entry errors, enhance workflows, improve safety compliance, and deliver instant reports remotely. Don’t wait for someone to “be in the office.” Data can be analyzed and assessed virtually anywhere, which leads to quick decision-making.

A High-Tech Approach to Construction

You’ll find innovation and technology in every aspect of a Shepherd Earthworks project. We incorporate precision and efficiency from GPS-guided equipment and computer-assisted design at each job site. We’re introducing new methods and the latest advances with each project, offering complete system capability.

The Latest and Greatest Because You Deserve the Best.

Shepherd Earthworks has worked hard to make sure that our team has every resource available to them, including the best technological solutions for obstacles in the field.

Our investment in tomorrow’s technology makes today’s work more efficient.


3D Mapping

3D mapping helps our excavation teams eliminate the risk of running into buried cables or utility lines that aren’t properly marked. 3D mapping also allows your project to stay under budget by identifying pesky obstacles, like boulders and rock fields, before the project begins.


Construction Surveying

Shepherd Earthworks machines comes with latest and greatest in machine-controlled technology.


Automated Grade Assist

Shepherd Earthworks machines comes with latest and greatest in machine-controlled technology, allowing us to preset movements and make more accurate cuts while eliminating the risk of human error.


Building Information Modeling

Many of our projects find us collaborating with other construction and development companies before a site is completed. Building Information Modeling (BMI) allows us to manage the design process among the many companies working on-site, allowing for all the information of a particular build to be stored in a digitized space that is accessible to everyone.

Call Shepherd Earthworks today to see how we can make the latest and greatest in earthwork technology work for you!

We Guarantee It!

At Shepherd Earthworks, we’re dedicated to offering the best customer service as we focus on building a great relationship with you. We’re also fully insured contractors. As qualified professionals at Shepherd Earthworks, we guarantee your satisfaction with the work we do for you in Amarillo and the Panhandle.