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How to Choose the Best Excavation Services for Your Project

Going with an excavation contractor for your project can seem daunting, but the process doesn’t have to be. When choosing an excavation service provider, there are specific considerations you should make to ensure that the contractor meets your needs and project requirements.

Check Credentials, Licenses, and Insurance

It’s essential to ensure that the excavation contractor you hire is appropriately licensed and insured for your particular job site.

    • Ask for photocopies of credentials, such as business licenses, insurance certificates, and workers’ compensation documents.
    • When selecting an excavation contractor in Amarillo, check with local agencies like licensing boards and the Better Business Bureau to verify credentials and see if there are any complaints or disciplinary actions against the company.

You should also observe the safety precautions used by their staff while on the job site.

At Shepherd Concrete, we’re dedicated to ensuring you have the professional service and support you need for all your earthwork needs in Amarillo and beyond.

Ask for Referrals and Read Reviews.

Before hiring an excavation contractor, it’s a good idea to talk to family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues for referrals of companies they have used for similar construction projects.

    • Read online reviews from reputable sources such as Yelp, Google Reviews, and Angie’s List. This can provide helpful insights into other people’s experiences with the company.
    • Be sure to carefully read customer feedback and ratings to decide when selecting your excavation services provider.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask the contractor for references of past clients they have worked with.

Reputable contractors, like Shepherd Earthworks, are usually happy to provide references. This can give you an idea of what kind of customer service and quality of work to expect.

Compare Services and Get Quotes

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential excavation companies in Amarillo, take the time to compare their services and get quotes from each. Consider more than just price when making your decision.

    • Make sure to inquire about any additional fees not included in the quote and ask for references from recent clients.
    • Pay attention to the company’s level of customer service and expertise – this will help you make an informed decision.
    • Read the company’s estimation process.
    • Ask whether they offer a soil test and depth inspection before beginning work. This will help guarantee you get the needed services without unnecessary expenses.

Proper planning and research will help you decide when to choose an excavation service that best meets your budget, project scope, and timeline. Shepherd Concrete offers the comprehensive services, support, and pricing you need.

Check Equipment and Safety Standards.

Before deciding, it is essential to ensure that the excavation company you are considering abides by safety and environmental standards.

    • Ask for evidence of insurance coverage, valid licenses, and regular equipment servicing.
    • The excavation contractor should also have certifications showing that their equipment adheres to industry safety standards such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines.
    • Don’t forget to ask if staff have been trained in proper operating procedures for the machinery they will be using.

It’s also important that the excavation team wears appropriate safety equipment and materials to prevent any potential injuries. Reputable companies strive to keep their employees safe and take all necessary measures to protect their clients. Ensure you get a comprehensive overview of all the safety requirements before signing a contract.

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