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The next time you drive by a construction site, take a good look outside your window, and you’ll witness the definition of collaboration at work. Multiple teams from various companies come together to bring a project to life. Without this teamwork, the project would have a hard time being completed. That’s because every company specializes in a specific completion phase; as an experienced dirt contractor, Shepherd Earthworks specializes in excavation, earthwork, and moving dirt.

Excavation is the most critical process in construction because it is the first step toward creating a foundation for a building. A building’s foundation needs to be secure to ensure the integrity of everything that will build upon it. If your excavation is done correctly, your building will stand without issue for many years. A poorly excavated site will encounter problems prematurely. Excavation involves removing earth and rock to create a space or trench to construct a building, bridge, or other infrastructure. To show you why earthwork and excavation are so substantial, we’ve compiled a short list of things these services provide site owners.

The Benefits of Earthworks and Excavation

Foundation and Site Preparation 

If you know anyone who has ever had a building built, or if you know someone in the construction business, you’ve probably heard the term “breaking ground.” No project can start without an excavation team first “breaking ground.” That’s because excavation and earthwork is the first step in preparing the foundation for a building. Any good dirt contractor will ensure that the excavation process provides the necessary space for the foundation, allowing for the proper placement of the building’s footings and concrete.

Earthwork also helps to prepare a site for construction. Earthwork includes removing obstacles that may impede construction, such as trees, rocks, and other debris, to help level the area, making it easier for the construction process to proceed smoothly.

Utility installation

Excavation and earthwork are critical for installing sewer, water, gas, and electrical lines. At Shepherd Earthworks, we know how important it is to have access to utility lines for the rest of the project to continue to run smoothly. As your preferred dirt contractor in Amarillo and the panhandle, our excavation process provides the necessary access to these lines so that the utility team can install these lines. 

Drainage control 

The most critical aspect of excavation and earthwork is drainage control. A building becomes susceptible to pooling water and backflow without proper drainage, resulting in flooding and damage. Proper excavation helps ensure that water is directed away from the building site, avoiding potential flooding or water damage.


Shepherd Earthworks is Amarillo and The Panhandle’s Preferred Dirt Contractor

Shepherd Earthworks is all about teamwork. We know how important it is to start a project on the right foot. We work hard to ensure that our part of the process is done right. If you’re looking for an excavation and earthwork team, give Shepherd Earthwork a call today. We’ll make sure that your construction team has the Shepherd Earthwork advantage.


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