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Drive by any construction site in its beginning phases, and you will likely see big machines on the lot. A wide array of vehicles helps companies like Shepherd Earthworks do their job. Dump trucks, backhoes, bulldozers, graders, and compactors are a few names for heavy equipment.

They do a lot of heavy lifting to prepare a construction site for the building team. Still, large construction sites aren’t the only places where excavation adds an advantage to the work. Roads, waste sites, and water systems can also benefit from a professional excavation team present. 

Waste Removal

Excavation is more than removing unwanted soil from a construction site and depositing it elsewhere. A professional excavation company can also clean up an area of any unwanted waste. This technique is common; if you have ever visited a landfill before, you’ll have seen it.

Some sites are clean, others can be a developer’s nightmare. In these cases, whatever is on the property must come down and be moved out. That’s where we come in. Being able to move large unwanted objects isn’t an easy job, but with the right equipment, it can be done safely and efficiently. 

Pipe Installation

As a building goes up, plumbing and electrical have to be planned out. A professional excavation team can ensure that you have easy access to your systems should they ever need repair. Having the job done right is also a key advantage whenever you consider having to place or move large pipe fixtures. Most plots of land don’t have sewage or plumbing already installed.

An excavation team will ensure that the trenches are dug out to the exact specifications of your build. That means you save time and stress trying to dig holes with the right slope and grade to move water and sewage. Shepherd Earthworks already has the technology and equipment to get it done right. 

Building Roads

Roadways connect the country, and road travel is the most common form of travel for short-distance trips. While we may take it for granted, there is a lot of work that goes into the construction of a new road. Whether it’s a 6 lane highway connecting cities or a small County Road connecting farms, the same equipment was used to create it that excavation companies use in their work.

Large plots of land usually need a road or two through them. Calling an excavation team will ensure that your road is made to last, considering issues like grading and slopes for water run-off. If you’re looking to install a road on your property, don’t wait to call an excavation company to have it done right. 


Using an excavation company for landscaping may seem excessive, but it’s more common than you think to use excavation in larger landscaping projects. Before construction begins on any project, land should be level and properly graded to support the structure and drainage.

Especially true in landscape projects, water needs a place to go. Installing trenches for sprinkler systems, drainage ditches, and water features is common practice for excavation teams. Some landscape designs have peaks and valleys included in them. These kinds of designs require professional excavation to achieve them.

Creating or eliminating elevation features is easy for excavation professionals. The more creative your landscaping design, the more likely you will use a highly trained excavation company.


Every construction site requires grading. Grading happens when the earth needs to be shaped rather than moved to make it level or give it a required slope to allow water to move away from structures. After the excavation team has removed any obstacles from the site, grading can begin.

There are a lot of factors to consider when grading is done right, including what type of soil is located at the site, how to control erosion, how dense the ground is, etc. Grading ensures you don’t run into soil or water issues later. Hiring a professional excavation team will ensure that it’s a step already included in the larger picture. 

Call an Excavation Team That Gives You an Advantage

Whatever your excavation needs are, hiring a professional company to get it done will ensure that your job is done right and has a solid foundation to last well into the future. Give Shepherd Earthworks a call when you’re ready to start your next project. We’ll ensure your project benefits from hiring a highly skilled team of professionals.

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